Interesting Facts About Rugs and Carpets

Carpets were usually made from the wool, although as the 20th century, synthetic fibres. For example polypropylene, nylon or polyester are regularly used as these fibres, because it is less cheap than wool. While, Rugs are floor covering of thick natural material or animal skin, usually not extend over the entire floor.

Characteristics of carpets and rugs:

  • The size of the carpet is a minimum is about 40square feet, however, the rugs are smaller than that.
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  • Carpets and rugs offer decoration, usefulness, wadding, power savings, console, tremendous noise dampening properties, a protected: on a slippery surface, simplicity of upholding and worth of wealth give extra warmness.
  • Bulky woolen rugs throw or enclose, use chiefly as traveling.
  • Carpets and rugs are the wonderful choice to used or furnish or décors your home or room, It gives outstanding smooth, refreshing looks.
  • The smell of the carpets and rugs will go by a good room ventilation or more or less 4 to 5 days, the other information about the carpets and rugs contact on best rug studio.

Carpet and rugs maintenance

  • Treat spot and stain as almost immediately as they happen.
  • Regular vacuuming
  • Periodically in wide-ranging utilize area.
  • Specialized maintenance each 12-18 months to get rid of all trapped soil and strains.

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Which room is better with carpet?

No doubt, a carpet can transform your room. One of its features is to add comfort & style to your home interior. However, carpets do not necessarily suit all the rooms of your home across the hallway. To make it quite clear and easy to choose the right rooms for carpets, we have a useful guide for you.


Bedrooms become more comfortable and attractive with warm, plush, and soft underfoot carpet. Excluding the busier parts of your house, the bedrooms give you a reason to install/apply luxurious designs & styles like velvety piles, oversized loop-pile carpets, and push. Having additional sophistication, the bedroom suits with the pure wool carpet the most. The carpets play an important role to insulate against noise pollution and make your bedroom more comfortable & peaceful. The thicker the carpet the more it will prevent noise pollution.

Stairs, Halls, & Landings:

Having the right carpet choice for the busier areas of your home is very important such as stairs, halls, and landings. Our collection of polypropylene fiber carpet is the finest solution for the highest busy areas of the house. Because these carpets are stain-resistant, durable, and very affordable. Being an easy to clean carpet, our polypropylene fiber carpet will look good for years.

Living room:

When it comes to the living room the PET carpet comes to the top of the list. Because your living room is a busy place at your home with high foot-traffic that requires a durable and beautiful carpet. It is easy to clean as well as a very reliable type of carpet that is easily available at Best Rug Studio ( at competitive prices. Having a variety of colors and amazing designs in PET carpets, we can help you to find the best solution for your living room.

Colour Combination of Carpets and Home Interior

When choosing to buy a carpet for your home selecting the right colour is quite a difficult process. Having too many colours of the carpets, walls, furniture, and ceiling within a single room can give a cluttered and messy look to the interior, but having too fewer colour variations can also make the room look so boring and stark. Best Rug Studio ( is offering an astounding selection of carpets & rugs in inspiring colours and matching ideas for you.

Undoubtedly, the colour is a strong design tool to make your interior if you know some amazing colour matching ideas of carpets with the home interior. We can help you to add some of the finest colours for your beautiful home to make it more special and interesting with our colourful carpet collection. There are two simple and very important ways to choose the most suitable and effective carpet colour for your home interior.

Choosing the right colour combination for carpets & home interior

  • Make your current primary, secondary, & highlight colours unique and distinctive
  • Choose one between Analogy and Complementary colour scheme

A workable and versatile colour palette of secondary & primary colours can accommodate a variety of highlight colours which is very important. It can give an entirely different and distinctive feel and look of your room without any kind of renovation on the furniture and walls. Adding some beautiful rugs and cushions of matched colours in your home can transform the complete energy & design of your interior.

Don’t worry if you are still confused which colour palette of primary and secondary colours you require for your home interior. Best Rugs Studio ( is here with the finest solutions for you at amazingly competitive prices. Our carpets & rugs have always satisfied and delighted our customers.

Rugs and Well-Being

Are you the kind of person who is health-conscious? Best Rug Studio ( now offers beauty with wellbeing! Yes, we offer good quality rugs that are crafted using traditional techniques just for your comfort. The softness and warmth of the good quality and handwoven material soothe you ensure your well-being.  The local artisans working at our production site to create the most beautiful and soft rugs using jute, linen, silk, wool, cork, nettle, and cotton rugs for you that are easy to clean. These easy to clean rugs are created without any bleaches or dyes that keep you safe from any health hazards caused by these toxic materials.

No dust Allergies:

The rugs made by the finest artisans are capable of trapping the dust particles from the air thus acting as natural and cost-free air purifiers. The dust particles trapped in the rug leave the clean air for you to breathe. Remember, they are easy to clean later! No more dust allergies.

Reduces noise pollution:

The best rug studio rugs lower the noise levels and absorb sound due to their natural acoustic insolation that helps you in avoiding noise pollution. They act as great thermal insulators in hot weather due to the natural insulation fiber that is used in them.

Healthier & delightful environment:

We at best rug studio provide you the ultimate and exclusive experience of beauty with health. Rugs that make your surroundings not only beautiful but healthy. A healthy and beautiful environment ensures mental peace and mental well-being. We have a great collection of these handmade rugs that can be your best and healthy choice. Visit us at  for an amazing experience of beauty served in a healthy roll of the rug!

Benefits for Carpets

Along with designs and styles, carpets are a generous source of warmth and joy in a place. As you move on a carpet you feel added comfort below your feet. Best Rugs Studio ( helps you to enjoy the utmost benefits of our wider range of carpets here:

Safe and clean

Carpets are helpful in keeping the areas clear. It’s a well-known fact that carpets work like filters. The filtering role of carpets allows a vacuum cleaner to easily collect dust. Therefore, carpets are a popular choice among people who prefer cleanliness.

In case, there is a spill of a cooked food item, tea, or stain, carpets maintain excellent cleaning capacity. Superior modes of designing and carpets’ tiling are assisting a lot in maintaining the carpet’s texture and style. So, carpets are able to withstand stress from the increased walk, traffic, and running over them.

Elegance and designing

Carpets are perfectly placed to afford a range of purposes. If you require design, elegance at your home, then you can find wonderful options in carpets at Best Rugs Studio ( In case, it is the official place for which you are looking options in carpets, carpets have unique features to ideally fit in an office environment. In offices, every person has a varying level of comfort and flexibility.

Elevated lifestyle

As the routine office work is tiring and vexing, carpets bring smoothness and wonderful aesthetic values to soothe people’s mood and attention level. Especially in open areas at an office or a domestic place, carpets can work wonders. As carpets are laced with several acoustical values, therefore, not a single person can miss the level of magnetism carpets afford.

Best acoustics

Noise and echoing is a problem in a few building premises, especially the newly-constructed ones. The echoing hurts routine working and communication among people in a building. Apart from echoing effect in a building, faults in foot or shoe also create loud voice when a person is walking on the floor. Carpets are very effective in diluting those factors that produce noise. Carpets reduce rubbing impacts. Moreover, carpets are highly effective in minimizing sound transmission in a place. Contact us here: (

Selecting between carpets and tiles

If you are confused while selecting between carpets and tiles then the simple answer is carpeting. There is a range of options in flooring. Carpet flooring is among the best options. Carpets have a range of designs, colors, and diversity. Whatever is your taste and flavor on the flooring you will find a customized solution in carpets. Carpets are fundamental in systemically upgrading your house, offices, and other premises. Best Rug Studio ( producing an aesthetic selection of carpets with:


Classic style

As carpets are among the oldest modes of flooring, therefore, a carpet on the floor gives a perfect natural and classic outlook. People of all ages, from young to old, love to find their floors covered with carpets. If you want to walk, stay, dance, scream, cry, laugh or lie on the floor you must adore it with a carpet. Carpets are highly customizable.

There is no limit to options that you can find in carpets. Think of the size you desire, you will find a customized size of carpet for you. In terms of colors and styles, there is no ending of lists in carpets. That you find at the Best Rugs Studio.

Aesthetic value

Certainly, every time we sit to plan on the adoring floor we rank comfort, outlook, and aesthetic qualities at higher levels. Mostly, carpets are utilized to upgrade a place’s interior design and environment. Carpets are a wonder in that each selection of carpet strikingly varies from another. Each type of carpet furnishes its own distinct features in a place. It depends, therefore, more on you than what kind of look, style, and color you are looking for.

Designs and style

As compared to other flooring options such as tiling, wooden floor, and carpets, the carpets provide an incredible range of designs and styles. The fact that carpets offer numerous choices in style and look is fundamental in boosting universal love for carpets. As every person has his/her own range of preferences to start with, therefore, Best Rugs Studio ( has a lot in store to attract everyone.

How can carpet be cleaned?

Carpet is a very popular floor covering with excellent aesthetic qualities and practicality. In order for this flooring to retain its rich color, integrity and a beautiful appearance for a long time, it is necessary to provide regular and competent maintenance.

Of course, no one has canceled the regular classic cleaning with a broom or a regular dry vacuum cleaner. However, when it comes to deep dirt or visible stains, simple everyday cleaning methods will not solve the problem. Therefore, it is worth looking into other options for a more thorough and effective cleaning.


Today there are many ways to clean carpet deeper and more efficiently – these are:

  • dry (special dry formulations in the form of powder or granules);
  • wet with detergents or a special vacuum cleaner;
  • foam (cleaning foam formulations with minimal moisture);
  • folk methods.

Giving your choice towards one of the methods, it is worth remembering that the coating has different types (household and commercial carpet ) and can be made from various materials (natural, mixed, synthetic). Also, the length of the pile and the type of base (synthetic or natural jute, foamed rubber, latex) are of great importance.

The main rules and tips for cleaning carpet

If you are the happy owner of an environmentally friendly carpet with the natural pile, you should abandon the use of wet cleaning methods, since such a carpet retains moisture for a long time, which can dilute dampness in the room, and in the future the appearance of an unpleasant smell, mold, and mildew. This also applies to models based on natural jute. In extreme cases, you can use a well-wrung out cloth rag, but it is best to resort to dry methods, of which there are many.

Synthetic carpet and models based on foam rubber, latex, and synthetic jute can be safely cleaned with a washing vacuum cleaner and other methods of wet cleaning. However, it is worth drying very carefully, since soaking from excess moisture can deprive your flooring of the dirt-repellent impregnation and in the future, the floor will become dirty faster. Good drying is the main rule when using wet cleaning methods!

It is also worth considering such a moment, if your carpet is on an adhesive base, if it gets too wet, deformation of the floor covering may occur.

Folk methods

Some popular cleaning methods can also be very effective. The most famous is mixing soda with water (5 liters of water for half a glass of soda). Such a solution is sprayed onto the carpet, then, after drying, you should walk over the coating with an ordinary vacuum cleaner. Soda not only absorbs impurities but also removes unpleasant odors well. A solution of vinegar with alcohol (1: 2) is also used. For oily stains, use ammonia, hydrogen peroxide or turpentine with an alcohol solution (1: 1). Citric acid can lighten dark spots.

And finally …

If all cleaning methods seem complicated to you, and you are not sure that the procedure will bring more benefits than harm, you can always contact professional carpet cleaning services. Specialists of such companies will not only help get rid of dirt, dust, and stains by choosing the right means and cleaning methods but will also return dirt-repellent properties and antistatic properties to the coating. In some cases, even the use of refractory impregnation is possible.

Carpet characteristics that you should pay attention to before buying

Carpet is the warmest type of floor covering, ideal for residential and commercial applications. The floor is not only easy and quick to install, but also provides excellent sound insulation. And a huge selection of color options allows you to choose the most optimal solution for you.

What is recommended to consider when choosing a carpet?

If you want to purchase a quality coating before purchasing, there are some product characteristics that should be considered. We are talking about:

  1. The material the floor is made of. A coating made with natural or synthetic fibers is popular. The second option is more durable and does not cause allergic reactions. However, some types of such material will quickly ignite in contact with fire. In turn, carpet made of natural material has excellent thermal insulation performance, but its price is much higher than synthetic products.
  2. Manufacturing method. There are several production methods, each with its own characteristics. The highest quality is the floor made using the woven method when the yarn of different colors is intertwined and knots are tied on the base.
  3. Pile type and length. The longer the pile, the more difficult the cleaning process is. There are also two types of weaving, namely loop and split pile.

How to determine where is bad and where is high-quality carpet?

The first thing to consider is the coverage rates. Too low cost indicates the poor quality of the carpet (we are talking about cases when a square meter costs less than 100 UAH per 1 square meter). In addition, it is necessary to study the service life declared by the manufacturer and the technical characteristics of the material.

Which carpet to choose for a warm floor?

The underfloor heating system allows you to make any room even more comfortable and cozy. Even on cold winter evenings, it will be warm in your house or apartment with her. Underfloor heating can be installed with different types of flooring, including some types of carpet.

Carpet: features and benefits

Carpet is a roll-type floor covering, which is installed along the entire perimeter of the room. From above, this type of material may have a small pattern that repeats along its entire length. The floor is very soft and pleasant to the touch. During the installation of the carpet, special glue or double-sided tape is used. In small rooms, the product can be secured with a plinth (or with small nails at the edges).

The modern market is filled with various models of carpet. They differ from each other not only in external design but also in the method of manufacture and material. There are products made entirely from natural materials, such as wool, as well as those that have synthetic materials in their composition, such as polyester.

The main advantages of carpet include:

  • strength;
  • long term of use;
  • high rates of thermal insulation;
  • stylish design;
  • ease of care;
  • high quality and quick installation.

What type of carpet is suitable for a warm floor?

In most cases, experts do not recommend using a carpet with a warm floor, since a thick carpet has high thermal insulation qualities and will cause high heat losses, which will ultimately lead to a decrease in the efficiency of such a heating system. In addition, many owners of underfloor heating express fear that during the heating process, synthetic types of carpet can evaporate substances harmful to human health. At the same time, it depends on the composition of the material, its manufacturer, and other factors.

If you want to combine the carpet with a warm floor system, then in this case it is recommended to use only a thin tufted carpet. Such a carpet will allow heat energy to flow upward, rather than absorbing or bouncing it down.

What types of carpet to use with different underfloor heating systems?

It is worth noting that, although a thin tufted carpet, although it is the only type of such a floor covering, is intended for use with a warm floor, it can not be used with all types of this heating system.

Water floor

This option is not recommended to be used in tandem with any type of carpet, since the surface heating, in this case, occurs too quickly, as a result of which the carpet material simply does not have time to transfer the received heat to the environment and heats up very much. As a result, such flooring can deform under the influence of overheating.

Electric floor

There are several subspecies of electrical floor heating systems, namely:

  1. Using one cable.
  2. Infrared film system.
  3. Thermal mats.

The first and third options for an electric underfloor heating are also not recommended for use with a carpet, since the heating process occurs too quickly and significantly exceeds the permitted indicator for such a floor covering.

As for the infrared film, it is completely different in its principle of operation from other types of underfloor heating. It can be used in tandem with a carpet type carpet, but it is advisable to choose a thin tufted carpet.

Mobile warm floor

This is the most suitable option for a warm floor system for rooms with carpet. Moreover, in this case, you can use not only the thinnest tufted carpet, but also other types of carpets, for example, carpet tiles . The mobile option is suitable for small rooms where a certain area of ​​the floor needs to be heated. A significant difference from other types of heating systems is the absence of the need for complex installation work.