Carpet characteristics that you should pay attention to before buying

Carpet is the warmest type of floor covering, ideal for residential and commercial applications. The floor is not only easy and quick to install, but also provides excellent sound insulation. And a huge selection of color options allows you to choose the most optimal solution for you.

What is recommended to consider when choosing a carpet?

If you want to purchase a quality coating before purchasing, there are some product characteristics that should be considered. We are talking about:

  1. The material the floor is made of. A coating made with natural or synthetic fibers is popular. The second option is more durable and does not cause allergic reactions. However, some types of such material will quickly ignite in contact with fire. In turn, carpet made of natural material has excellent thermal insulation performance, but its price is much higher than synthetic products.
  2. Manufacturing method. There are several production methods, each with its own characteristics. The highest quality is the floor made using the woven method when the yarn of different colors is intertwined and knots are tied on the base.
  3. Pile type and length. The longer the pile, the more difficult the cleaning process is. There are also two types of weaving, namely loop and split pile.

How to determine where is bad and where is high-quality carpet?

The first thing to consider is the coverage rates. Too low cost indicates the poor quality of the carpet (we are talking about cases when a square meter costs less than 100 UAH per 1 square meter). In addition, it is necessary to study the service life declared by the manufacturer and the technical characteristics of the material.

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