How can carpet be cleaned?

Carpet is a very popular floor covering with excellent aesthetic qualities and practicality. In order for this flooring to retain its rich color, integrity and a beautiful appearance for a long time, it is necessary to provide regular and competent maintenance.

Of course, no one has canceled the regular classic cleaning with a broom or a regular dry vacuum cleaner. However, when it comes to deep dirt or visible stains, simple everyday cleaning methods will not solve the problem. Therefore, it is worth looking into other options for a more thorough and effective cleaning.


Today there are many ways to clean carpet deeper and more efficiently – these are:

  • dry (special dry formulations in the form of powder or granules);
  • wet with detergents or a special vacuum cleaner;
  • foam (cleaning foam formulations with minimal moisture);
  • folk methods.

Giving your choice towards one of the methods, it is worth remembering that the coating has different types (household and commercial carpet ) and can be made from various materials (natural, mixed, synthetic). Also, the length of the pile and the type of base (synthetic or natural jute, foamed rubber, latex) are of great importance.

The main rules and tips for cleaning carpet

If you are the happy owner of an environmentally friendly carpet with the natural pile, you should abandon the use of wet cleaning methods, since such a carpet retains moisture for a long time, which can dilute dampness in the room, and in the future the appearance of an unpleasant smell, mold, and mildew. This also applies to models based on natural jute. In extreme cases, you can use a well-wrung out cloth rag, but it is best to resort to dry methods, of which there are many.

Synthetic carpet and models based on foam rubber, latex, and synthetic jute can be safely cleaned with a washing vacuum cleaner and other methods of wet cleaning. However, it is worth drying very carefully, since soaking from excess moisture can deprive your flooring of the dirt-repellent impregnation and in the future, the floor will become dirty faster. Good drying is the main rule when using wet cleaning methods!

It is also worth considering such a moment, if your carpet is on an adhesive base, if it gets too wet, deformation of the floor covering may occur.

Folk methods

Some popular cleaning methods can also be very effective. The most famous is mixing soda with water (5 liters of water for half a glass of soda). Such a solution is sprayed onto the carpet, then, after drying, you should walk over the coating with an ordinary vacuum cleaner. Soda not only absorbs impurities but also removes unpleasant odors well. A solution of vinegar with alcohol (1: 2) is also used. For oily stains, use ammonia, hydrogen peroxide or turpentine with an alcohol solution (1: 1). Citric acid can lighten dark spots.

And finally …

If all cleaning methods seem complicated to you, and you are not sure that the procedure will bring more benefits than harm, you can always contact professional carpet cleaning services. Specialists of such companies will not only help get rid of dirt, dust, and stains by choosing the right means and cleaning methods but will also return dirt-repellent properties and antistatic properties to the coating. In some cases, even the use of refractory impregnation is possible.

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