Which carpet to choose for a warm floor?

The underfloor heating system allows you to make any room even more comfortable and cozy. Even on cold winter evenings, it will be warm in your house or apartment with her. Underfloor heating can be installed with different types of flooring, including some types of carpet.

Carpet: features and benefits

Carpet is a roll-type floor covering, which is installed along the entire perimeter of the room. From above, this type of material may have a small pattern that repeats along its entire length. The floor is very soft and pleasant to the touch. During the installation of the carpet, special glue or double-sided tape is used. In small rooms, the product can be secured with a plinth (or with small nails at the edges).

The modern market is filled with various models of carpet. They differ from each other not only in external design but also in the method of manufacture and material. There are products made entirely from natural materials, such as wool, as well as those that have synthetic materials in their composition, such as polyester.

The main advantages of carpet include:

  • strength;
  • long term of use;
  • high rates of thermal insulation;
  • stylish design;
  • ease of care;
  • high quality and quick installation.

What type of carpet is suitable for a warm floor?

In most cases, experts do not recommend using a carpet with a warm floor, since a thick carpet has high thermal insulation qualities and will cause high heat losses, which will ultimately lead to a decrease in the efficiency of such a heating system. In addition, many owners of underfloor heating express fear that during the heating process, synthetic types of carpet can evaporate substances harmful to human health. At the same time, it depends on the composition of the material, its manufacturer, and other factors.

If you want to combine the carpet with a warm floor system, then in this case it is recommended to use only a thin tufted carpet. Such a carpet will allow heat energy to flow upward, rather than absorbing or bouncing it down.

What types of carpet to use with different underfloor heating systems?

It is worth noting that, although a thin tufted carpet, although it is the only type of such a floor covering, is intended for use with a warm floor, it can not be used with all types of this heating system.

Water floor

This option is not recommended to be used in tandem with any type of carpet, since the surface heating, in this case, occurs too quickly, as a result of which the carpet material simply does not have time to transfer the received heat to the environment and heats up very much. As a result, such flooring can deform under the influence of overheating.

Electric floor

There are several subspecies of electrical floor heating systems, namely:

  1. Using one cable.
  2. Infrared film system.
  3. Thermal mats.

The first and third options for an electric underfloor heating are also not recommended for use with a carpet, since the heating process occurs too quickly and significantly exceeds the permitted indicator for such a floor covering.

As for the infrared film, it is completely different in its principle of operation from other types of underfloor heating. It can be used in tandem with a carpet type carpet, but it is advisable to choose a thin tufted carpet.

Mobile warm floor

This is the most suitable option for a warm floor system for rooms with carpet. Moreover, in this case, you can use not only the thinnest tufted carpet, but also other types of carpets, for example, carpet tiles . The mobile option is suitable for small rooms where a certain area of ​​the floor needs to be heated. A significant difference from other types of heating systems is the absence of the need for complex installation work.

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