Which room is better with carpet?

No doubt, a carpet can transform your room. One of its features is to add comfort & style to your home interior. However, carpets do not necessarily suit all the rooms of your home across the hallway. To make it quite clear and easy to choose the right rooms for carpets, we have a useful guide for you.


Bedrooms become more comfortable and attractive with warm, plush, and soft underfoot carpet. Excluding the busier parts of your house, the bedrooms give you a reason to install/apply luxurious designs & styles like velvety piles, oversized loop-pile carpets, and push. Having additional sophistication, the bedroom suits with the pure wool carpet the most. The carpets play an important role to insulate against noise pollution and make your bedroom more comfortable & peaceful. The thicker the carpet the more it will prevent noise pollution.

Stairs, Halls, & Landings:

Having the right carpet choice for the busier areas of your home is very important such as stairs, halls, and landings. Our collection of polypropylene fiber carpet is the finest solution for the highest busy areas of the house. Because these carpets are stain-resistant, durable, and very affordable. Being an easy to clean carpet, our polypropylene fiber carpet will look good for years.

Living room:

When it comes to the living room the PET carpet comes to the top of the list. Because your living room is a busy place at your home with high foot-traffic that requires a durable and beautiful carpet. It is easy to clean as well as a very reliable type of carpet that is easily available at Best Rug Studio ( at competitive prices. Having a variety of colors and amazing designs in PET carpets, we can help you to find the best solution for your living room.

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